Podcasts That Every Queen Should Be Subscribed To

Hi loves,

We've compiled a list of the most addicting podcasts every queen should know about. They dive into many topics: from entrepreneurship, relationships, wellness, and cosmetic surgery... the list goes on. 

Each podcast is linked below so you can start listening right away. Comment on our latest Instagram post and let us know which is your favourite!

NO. 1: In Case You Haven't Heard


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Hosted by Kristina Pittam (founder of La Reyna) and Danielle Alexandra (blogger behind All Things Coveted), this podcast explores the daily lives of different people's careers. Their guests come from a wide variety of industries, including the creative, tech, and corporate worlds. The two hosts also share their dating lives and advice for navigating relationships.

NO. 2: The Goop Podcast


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Hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop's CCO Elise Loehnen, this podcast is all about introducing and promoting change. Whether they interview doctors, creatives, CEOs, or spiritual healers, they inspire us to see things differently and to to apply change to our own lives.

NO. 3: The Skinny Confidential


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Hosted by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick (creator of The Skinny Confidential brand) and her husband, Michael Bosstick (CEO of the Dear Media Podcast Network). This podcast evolved from Lauryn's brand and blog, which turned into a community that now connects millions of women and men around the world. They keep every episode easy interesting and dive into topics such as wellness, business, beauty and lifestyle.

NO. 4: The Ed Mylett Show


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Hosted by Ed Mylett, one of the best motivational speakers and inspiring entrepreneurs on the scene. This podcast is your friend when you're feeling down, unproductive, or just need a kick in the ass. He covers topics such as visualization, relationships, happiness, and work ethic... in the most efficient and effective way. This podcast is a staple for our team at La Reyna.

NO. 5: The Blonde Files


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Hosted by Arielle Lorre, a wellness and lifestyle blogger, this podcast is your go-to for all things beauty and wellness related. What we love most about Arielle as a host is that she isn't afraid to be completely honest and vulnerable with her audience about her cosmetic procedures and gut healing journey. She gives us the deets on these experiences and she goes a step further to interview experts in the field.