Quarantine like a Queen

Hi queens, 

Many of you have taken responsible measures to stay at home and social-distance from your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates. If this includes you, we applaud you for your considerate actions -- we understand this is a very strange and difficult time for many of you. 

It is easy to catastrophize our circumstances, especially when we are in isolation, and have limited interaction with our communities-- but we want to remind you:

 Everything will be okay

Social-distancing may close the door to interactions with our neighbours -- but it opens a new door to self-care opportunities and healthy routines. 


Now is the time to practice self-love. We recommend you try some of the following ideas (a few of them boujee) that will have you feeling like a queen. 

  1.  Pamper. Give yourself an at-home facial! If you didn’t stock up on face masks before the quarantine, just slather honey on your skin (it's anti-bacterial) for 10-15 minutes. Cleopatra, an unforgettable queen, used to practice this, followed up by a rinse of apple cider vinegar.

  2. Slay. Adopt a new workout routine! Most of the gyms are closed, so it’s time to find new ways to stay in shape and kill it in our La Reyna bodysuits. Look for online classes in yoga, pilates, or anything to get your body moving in a space as small as your living room or bedroom floor. We know the online fitness space can be overwhelming -- we recommend Boho Beautiful’s Youtube channel for yoga and yogalates. It’s free.

  3. Dress up. Just because you’re not leaving the house, doesn’t mean you should stop caring about what you wear! Although this may sound silly, your outfit has a significant influence on your attitude, thoughts, posture, and voice. What you choose to wear in the morning will likely influence your work ethic that day, your attitude, and your thoughts toward yourself. So dress like the queen you are. The bodysuits from our core line are perfectly comfortable for lounging at home -- they can be found here.

  4. Manifest. A queen knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. Now that you’re not engaging in extracurricular activities, this is the time to reevaluate your goals, decide what you truly want for yourself, and go for it

Our team recommends creating a vision board. Cut or print out visuals that spark inspiration for you -- whether it be quotes, pictures of your role models / dream locations, or even just a list of goals you desire to achieve this year. Display these visuals on a board, on your wall, on your bathroom mirror… anywhere you will be reminded everyday.  

Under each visual, add daily habits you can practice from home to achieve these goals. Aim to practice these habits each day, and you will find yourself putting these goals into action before the quarantine is over.