Style Series | Aries

It is now Aries season, and the female icons we celebrate today are all fashion-forward girl bosses with wildly different styles. We look up to them because they stay true to themselves and don’t follow the trends -- they create them. This not only applies to their fashion styles, but also their lifestyles. These queens have been in the spotlight for years, and yet they continue to act as extremely effective modern-day influencers.


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Before we introduce our Aries icons, we’ll start with some background info about their sign. Aries are a fire sign -- they are extremely competitive, ambitious, and go-getters. They are also courageous, which inspires them to start trends and try new things in the spotlight. Aries queens are natural-born leaders who stay true to themselves and set an example for everyone else to follow.

First, we celebrate one of our all-time favourite queens, Emma Watson. 

She started her massive influence as a child-actress in the Harry Potter series, and evolved into a beautiful, charismatic role model. Emma is now not only an actress, but also an activist, feminist, and environmentalist.


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She uses her online platforms and massive following to speak about a wide range of issues and passions -- for example, in a recent interview, she expressed her passion for learning history and acknowledging the biased ways it is told by different countries. She is also an active example of what she stands for… remember when she attended the Met Gala in 2016 wearing a dress made of plastic water bottles? That is an example of Emma’s courageous trend-setting that we admire and support 100%.

Let’s celebrate our next Aries queen, Sarah Jessica Parker: 

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Sex and the City, we’re sure Carrie Bradshaw made you do double take at at least one of her outfits. We believe Carrie’s wardrobe was inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker herself, who has a very similar girly and eclectic style.


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Both Sarah and Carrie are absolute trend-setters in fashion -- there’s no denying that. Most of the trends they wore back in the 90’s and early 2000’s are still being copied by fashionistas today.

Next up is a queen that ruled  the pop music industry and now holds the reins to the fashion world: Victoria Beckham.


Victoria (or Posh) has been setting trends since she was a member of the girl band Spice Girls back in the 90’s. Whether it be with her music or fashion choices, the crowd has always paid attention to her style and followed every move. She has a confidence and carelessness about what people think, but in a way that isn’t every over-the-top or a cry for attention. She just does her thing.