Style Series | Pisces

It is now Pisces season, and the Queens we celebrate are all inspirational female figures from the 50’s until present-day… 


(Retrieved from Deborah on Fabulous After 40)

Before we introduce our Pisces icons, we’ll start with some background info about their sign. Pisces are blessed with a powerful sense of intuition -- because of that, they are naturally sensitive and compassionate around others. They are not afraid to show you their true thoughts and feelings. Surface-level interactions just aren’t good enough for Pisces 

Pisces are a mutable sign. This means, unlike cardinal or fixed signs, a mutable sign closes the four seasons/elements of the zodiac. So, they have learned all the lessons taught by spring, summer, winter, and fall and have a great deal of wisdom that they express in great depth.

Most importantly, Pisces are visual, artistic beings who love to have fun with their wardrobe. The #LRQueens this season demonstrate this creativity on an openly public level. 

First, we must talk about a great icon of the 90’s / early 2000’s -- Drew Barrymore. She is one of the rare celebrities that we have routed for since she was a reckless child in Hollywood… her growth  into her present-day adult self is truly inspiring. 


(Retrieved from Nellie Eden on Refinery 29, 2016)

Based on the cards she was dealt (attractive, born into the Hollywood scene, and raised by careless parents), she turned her reckless behaviour and wild creativity into a productive career. 

Now, let’s talk about our next Pisces queen, Jessica Biel: 

If you’ve ever paid attention to an interview of Jessica Biel, you’d notice that she lets the public into her life on a very personal level, without demanding sympathy or any sort of reaction. She is very real with her fans and chooses to let us in past surface-level topics. For example, in separate interviews, she’s openly admitted to her tendency to let go of her individuality in relationships, as well as her struggles with diet and exercise. 


(Retrieved from RON GALELLA, LTD./WIREIMAGE, n.d.)

As a true Pisces, Jessica is not afraid to be honest with herself and everyone around her about her feelings and struggles, which is such a liberating concept we could all learn from. 

Next up is a queen that inspired one of our core designs: Elizabeth Taylor (click here for the Taylor to emulate her style).


(Colourized film still from late 1950s; Retrieved from Cine-Files, n.d.)

Although Elizabeth’s influential time proceeded long before that of Drew and Jessica’s, she is an absolute queen that demonstrated open vulnerability, like the true Pisces she is. She endured many failures in the public eye, including her 8 back-to-back marriages and divorces. 

How is this an important lesson? Rather than prolonging situations and projects in her life that clearly were n’t working for her, she made immediate decisions to follow her intuition and move onto the next relationship or project. She understood that failures are quickly washed away with new successes, and that trial-and-error is one of the fool-proof ways to achieve growth. This vulnerable demonstration of repeated failure and success is an example we should still apply to our lives today. 

We now feel inspired to let go of our egos and explore our own deep thoughts and feelings.  Once we can learn to move past surface-level interactions (with ourselves and with others), and get past our fear of being perceived as weak, we can inspire others to open up as well. 

Building real connections can only be done through honesty and openness, and our Pisces queens have practiced that in the public eye. It’s obvious that these deep connections harness a lot of power -- but instead of coming from a place of surface-level manipulation, it comes from a place of authenticity.