Calling All Queens: Support These Female Black-Owned Businesses

Hey y’all,

We’re all going through a whirlwind of emotions following the devastating event on May 25th, but more importantly in realizing that our backs have been turned on the black lives matter movement at large. While everyone’s been taking the time to truly educate themselves and stand up for global change, we’ve been taking the time to do the same. We've discovered some incredible female black-owned businesses that you queens can check out and support as well.

Now is the time that action is needed the most. Whether you decide to spread valuable news through conversation or social media, make donations to causes that resonate with you, or buy from black-owned businesses -- every effort matters.

If you’re reading this, you’re an absolute queen for taking a significant step in supporting this movement. We’ve curated these options based on what we know you would love.  Let’s dive in…


This award-winning razor designed for sensitive skin was founded by Karen Young.

OUI the People keeps its claims realistic while delivering the best performance for smooth skin without ingrowns.

We highly recommend supporting her to feel clean and tidy in your revealing La Reyna bodysuit ;) support here.


Kristen Noel Crawley founded the very first all-natural, collagen-infused lip mask brand. Her fun and playful lip mask brand is more commonly recognized by her initials, KNC, and is adored by many Hollywood beauty gurus.

Support this queen by visiting her super fun website here.

For those of you queens who prefer eco-friendly natural beauty, KLUR is an indie brand you must look into. It was founded by Lesley Thornton with the intention to simplify ingredients and maximize beauty routines with just a few products. 

While Lesley’s brand is suitable for diverse skin conditions and ethnicities, it is also said to produce luxurious results. You can support here.


Founded in 2013, Krwnd (or pronounced as ‘Krowned Jewels) is a jewelry brand as well as a virtual design studio. They specialize in rhinestone body jewelry and other custom pieces. Krwnd is extremely attentive to what their customers want and believe jewelry should be personal and authentic to you. 

Design jewelry that authentically represents you by supporting here.  


Created by two beautiful women/designers, Aneaka and Jamika, this Toronto/Los Angeles-based brand is all about sexy capsule collections. 

The best part is that they are affordable and would look ah-mazing with your La Reyna bodysuit. 

You can support them here and if you want our top recommendation, get their liquid pants here.


Brother Vellies was established in 2013 with the purpose of keeping traditional African American design practices alive. From the beginning, they have been passionate about creating and supporting artisanal jobs, and now offer handmade artisanally around the world.

Their pieces are luxury, yet they celebrate a variety of cultures and historic techniques/designs. Support them here.


Sincerely Tommy is a Brooklyn-based lifestyle store founded by Kai Avent-deLeon. It features an in-house coffee bar and supports emerging womenswear, lifestyle brands, and community.

Support here.


Elia Vintage is an online shop founded by LA-based Amber Glaspie. She specializes in womenswear and curates her selection to authentically represent her personal style.

Support here.


Based in Montreal, this beauty/skin care brand is purely vegan and intends to minimize the number of products you need to feel beautiful.

Support here.