How To Get Treated Like a Queen | Self-Respect

Hi Queens, 

Today we address a topic that is important for every queen to take seriously: Self-Respect. While you may look like royalty dressed up in one of our bodysuits, it doesn't compare to the feeling of being treated like a queen. Of course, we don't mean you should expect others to bow before you or part like the red sea when you walk by. But you can teach others that you're a priority, you are rare, and at the minimum, you deserve all the respect they can give you.


Follow these 3 tips so others know to treat you like a queen:

NO. 1 - Be Authentic

The one thing we know for sure is thisThe world only treats us as well as we treat ourselves. Our vibe and self-esteem that we show the world is mirrored exactly back to us. So get to know the queen you are, and be authentic to her. Learn to say "THIS is who I am". Say it confidently and unapologetically. Being truly authentic in everything you do tells the world that you aren't malleable. People will take it or leave it (obviously most will take it, though👑).

NO. 2 - Stay Disciplined

Live a life of accountability. Require more of yourself every day. When we allow chaos in our everyday lives, we tell others that they can walk all over us. Learn to establish discipline in your life and set a routine. Focus on your goals and people will start to respect you more.

The next time someone wastes your valuable time or you get asked on a last-minute "date", say no. Will it make them mad? No... but it likely will make them respect you more. These same people will want to be more present with you because they know your time is valuable -- they wouldn't want to screw up their chance to win more of it from you in the future.

NO. 3 - Take No Sh*t 

"NO" is a complete sentence. Learn to say it with zero explanation. For some of you, it might sound a little like this...

"I appreciate your suggestion, but no thank you"

"No, that doesn't align with my energy"

"That's not how we're going to do that :)"

No one respects a woman who lives contrary to her own values. When you can learn to say "NO" in even the hardest situations, you are showing that your values have more power than the temptation of "being cool with everything" or fitting in with a crowd you don't belong to. A queen does not disregard her values to please others. She is authentic and takes no sh*t because her goals come before everyone and anything.