How To Refine Your Style

Hey queens,

It isn't a secret that we live in a time where social media and influencers hugely affect our choices in what we buy. We adopt these trends because we desire to be seen or treated as having a similar status as these top tier influencers.

We'll show you how to refine your style so that you don't fall victim to purchasing brands and pieces that don't feel authentic to you. This will save you money, but it will also help to solve the problem of over-consumption.

Step No. 1: Get to know the queen you are.

Figure out what you like. Think about the music you listen to, the films you watch, your favourite characters, places you've traveled (or you've been dying to see), artists that inspire you, icons of the past, architecture, nature... the list goes on.

elvira hancock smoking cigarette drink scarface michelle pfeiffer iconic

(Character inspo... we love Elvira)

(Inspo from architecture/furniture)

Identify and be specific about what resonates with you. Write these down on a list.

Step No. 2: Identify your top 3 designers.

Now, get more specific and define your aesthetic.

The most efficient way to do this is to scroll through Vogue Runway (one of our favourite apps) and pick 3 major designers that resonate with your style. Many designers have a specific niche that will attract you if they resonate with you... examples of niches include minimalism, rock & roll, sensuality, athleticism, and geometry/structure.

vogue runway

(Courtesy of Vogue Runway, 2020)

Don't feel pressured to pick 3 designers with all the same niche -- be eclectic in your choices if that feels true to you. 

Step No. 3: Build a collage.

Browse on Pinterest to find photos that match your list of interests and designers and arrange them on a board so you can observe them all in one place.

This board represents everything that inspires you. Reflect this back onto your wardrobe. Which pieces do you already own that fit with your collage? Which pieces do you own that do not fit (you likely don't feel 100% comfortable in these pieces). Remove these outliers from your wardrobe so they are out of sight and won't distract you while you try getting dressed in the morning. When you're online shopping or thinking about adopting new trends, think back to this board and honestly ask yourself if the brand/piece you're considering really feels authentic to you.

Over time, you will become more careful in your buying choices and your wardrobe will evolve to much better represent YOU. Believe us.. this is life-changing and will make you a much more sustainable style queen as a result.