How to Style Your Bodysuit in Quarantine: Zodiac Series (Part 1)

Hey queens.

We’ve assembled a zodiac-themed styling guide to inspire each of you to wear your bodysuits in quarantine. If you don’t relate to your star sign, look for your rising sign or your moon sign and see if they resonate better with the looks we’ve put together.


You regulate your own confidence and don’t need to impress. You live in non-restrictive clothing that allows you to feel free and cozy during this time at home.


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You like to feel put together and ahead of the game. So you keep it classic, clean, and efficient. You love a capsule quarantine wardrobe that includes a monotone matching PJ set.



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Your style is unique to the other signs. You enjoy a fun piece of clothing and make things your own. A pair of funky pants is your go-to in quarantine.


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Your fluctuating emotions influence an eclectic wardrobe, which you get to experiment with during this time -- you gravitate towards pastels, so mixing/matching is a little easier in quarantine.


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Happy belated birthday, queen.ūüéā

You’re fashionable, even in quarantine -- you love branded sweatsuits, hair accessories, and thrive on trends (aka tie dye, preppy shoulder tie).


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You value comfort, but also enjoy the finer things in life -- a combination for the perfect quarantine athleisure look.


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As for our Gemini to Scorpio queens... you're up next. Stay tuned for part 2 of this series.✨