How to Style Your Bodysuit in Quarantine: Zodiac Series (Part 2)

Hi babes,

Welcome to Part 2 of our Zodiac Styling GuideWe were excited to style the rest of your astrology signs in quarantine. To our Gemini to Scorpio queens: this one's for you. Thank you for your patience.🖤



You have so many different styles and interests and your wardrobe is reflective of that. You like to mix it up so you stick to safer colour palettes, and comfort is of value to you in quarantine.


The Moss in Ivory is available here.
The blue scrunchie is available here.


You’re busting out your baggy hoodies and sweats. You're living a relaxed, free type of vibe during quarantine. 


The Crawford in Ivory is available here.


A glass of wine is your go-to accessory. You are most likely sporting neon colours and a revealing bodysuit (the Campbell is your fav) with big, chunky jewelry. You’re also gravitating towards animal print at the moment.


The Campbell in Black is available here.
The *Limited Edition* gold scrunchie is available here.


You’re super independent and are always prepared. You love practical and simple designs that have enough detail to make them special.


The Moss in Black is available here.
The blue scrunchie is available here.


You probably ordered a brand new quarantine wardrobe. Your leisurewear is branded (can’t be just regular), you’re on top of Instagram trends, and you know how to make the most of "dressing down" during this time.


The Taylor in Ivory is available here.
The champagne scrunchie is available here.


You’re the type to value self-care over anything -- you’re not afraid to treat yourself because you know you deserve it. We can likely find you in robes and matching silk sets during this time.


The Monroe in Black is available here.

As for our Sagittarius to Taurus queens... you're up next. Stay tuned for part 2 of this series.✨