Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts? We’ve Got You Covered.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. If you’re like us and still recovering from the holiday season (mentally and financially), don’t worry -- you’re not alone and it’s not too late. 

Whether you are a lover or a loner this upcoming Valentine’s Day, it is about taking the time to show love and appreciation -- this can be to yourself, to your friends, and to your current partner(s). 

Let us help you make the most of this Valentine’s Day with one last-minute, yet meaningful, gift. 


For those of you spending the holiday with your friends and/or lovers, we have the perfect meaningful gift idea for you. 

These people mean the world to you -- so what better way to tell them than making a carefully curated display of your favourite memories together? 

A Polaroid Collage. 


(Photo Credit: Rebloggy, n.d.)

Go through your phone and social media and print out photos that bring back memories you share together. 

It's as easy as using Canva’s Polaroid feature. If you want to go a step further, we suggest using a Polaroid printer that you can find on Amazon here or here, which will ship to you by tomorrow (thank you for Prime). 

For the board, be simple-- either cut a piece of cardboard from a box you no longer need, cut half of a bristol board, or go out and buy a large picture frame from the dollar store. When it comes to printing and arranging your photos, be creative. Use the Polaroid printer we mentioned above, add  inside-jokes between you and your loved one, glitter, stickers... the list goes on. 

This gift may take a few hours to complete, but it is one that your loved one will deeply appreciate cherish for years.


This one is all about self-love. 

For those of you who are self-partnered and are choosing to spend Valentine’s Day with yourself, we support this 100% and encourage you to give yourself TLC. If you’re unsure how to plan Valentine’s Day for yourself, let us do it for you. 

Self-Love Idea #1: A Beautiful Bath 

Dedicate a couple hours (either in the morning before the day begins, or in the evening before you go to bed) and set up a beautiful bath for yourself with candles, a calming drink (in a fancy glass, of course) and a feel-good podcast or audiobook. 


(Photo Credit: Dandyliondreams-room, 2019)

If this is in the morning, we recommend starting with a glass of hot lemon water or lemongrass tea -- both are invigorating for the morning and will keep you calm, while helping you energize for the day. If this is in the evening, we recommend enjoying a glass of kombucha in a wine glass -- the La Reyna team loves this because it is a boujee way to get in our probiotics (and also delicious!).

Self-Love Idea #2: A Thai Massage

In contrast to a regular massage, the Thai massage has spiritual origin and is practiced on a floor-mat, where the practitioner will massage, stretch, and tone your body from your feet, all the way up to your head. They basically do your yoga for you.


 (Photo credit: Ja Thai Spa, n.d.)

You will undoubtedly leave feeling like a queen.

This is an investment that you will not want to limit to only Valentine’s Day… it is amazing for the body and soul.

If you become addicted, don’t say we didn’t warn you!