How To Style: Our Satin Scrunchies

We have been working from home for almost two months now (although it feels way longer than that!). It isn’t a secret that we’ve been tempted to repeat the same loungewear looks on a weekly basis. At this point we were desperate to spice up our work-from-home looks -- so the launch of our scrunchies couldn’t have come at a better time. 


Made out of upcycled satin from our luxe collection, they are environmentally friendly, making them a totally guilt-free indulgence for you. They come in the four same colours from our luxe bodysuit collection: periwinkle blue, emerald green, champaign, and glossy black. What we love about these colours is that they are subtle enough to go with our loungewear at home, yet sophisticated enough to elevate our outfits in public (post-quarantine).  

Read on for ideas on how to style these scrunchies like a queen:  


(Courtesy of Bumble and Bumble / @bumbleandbumble)

Simply pull back your hair into a low ponytail (leaving out a couple pieces of hair to frame your face) and secure with a satin scrunchie. 


 (Courtesy of The Blast / @blast)

 Hailey pulls off her scrunchie so well by styling it in a high ponytail. To copy her style, simply pull your hair into a high ponytail (it helps to brush hairspray onto a comb, and then run it through your hair to tame fly-aways). Secure with a satin scrunchie.


(Courtesy of Delaney Childs / @delaneychilds)

 Delaney Childs is an absolute queen when it cones to styling scrunchies... the first way she likes to wear them is in a half-up, half-down wavy style.

To copy her look, wave your hair with a curling wand. Then, separate the top half of your hair, leaving a couple pieces around the front to frame your face. Secure the top half of your hair with a satin scrunchie and voila.


(Courtesy of Delaney Childs / @delaneychilds)

To copy Delaney's hair flip, blow dry your hair with a small round brush (or use a curling iron), wrapping sections horizontally and pinning them while they cool. Once your whole head has cooled, release the pins and set the style with hairspray. Use a comb to pull back the top half of your hair (leaving out the front pieces to frame your face again) and secure with a satin scrunchie.


(Courtesy of Delaney Childs / @delaneychilds)

 The easiest way to achieve Delaney's look is to sleep with your hair in french braids -- either wash or dampen your hair with water one night, and do two french braids down the sides of your head. The next morning, release the braids to reveal curls very similar to Delaney's above. Pull back the top half of your hair and secure with a satin scunchie.


(Courtesy of Delaney Childs / @delaneychilds)

 In this final look from Delaney, she wears her scrunchie in a knot on top of her head. Simply pull your hair into a high ponytail and loop it through your scrunchie. On the second loop, don't pull your hair all the way through -- stop when your hair forms a loop on top of the scrunchie and pull the base of the ponytail to secure. Voila.


(Courtesy of Blayzen Photos / BACKGRID)

Ariana Grande styles her scrunchies in two adorable space buns. To copy her look, we recommend separating you hair in two neat sections with a tail-end comb, then spraying hairspray on the comb to brush back your hair into two neat buns. Position them high or low as you please (whichever looks flattering), and secure with two satin scrunchies.



(Courtesy of Viktoria Hutter / @viktoriahutter)

This final look is inspired by Victoria Hutter, who elegantly wears her scrunchie in a low chignon. To copy her look, gather your hair loosely into a low bun and secure with a scrunchie for a pop of interest.

Give a few of these styles a try at home... And shop our satin scrunchies here!


Single Black - $16.00 CAD

Single Emerald - $16.00 CAD

Single Blue - $16.00 CAD

Single Champagne - $16.00 CAD

Bundle No 1 (Blue and Black) - $28.00 CAD

Bundle No 2 (Blue and Champagne) - $28.00 CAD

Bundle No 3 (Black and Emerald) - $28.00 CAD

Bundle No 4 (Black and Champagne) - $28.00 CAD