Who Is She?...The Moss

If you've happen to come across the La Reyna brand recently and are curious which bodysuit to invest in for your first piece, the Moss bodysuit might be perfect for you...The Moss bodysuit was the first suit, designer and founder, Kristina Pittam, created for the brand, and can be best described as the core piece to a trend-obsessed, fashion-lover's, overwhelmingly-hectic closet. The Moss is the optimal piece to begin any outfit and can be dressed up and down to suit every occasion. #LRQueens and style icons, including: Tara Leigh Rose, Rachel Spencer, Sasha Mei, and Allysha Yung have been known to style the suit with oversized blazers, moto jackets, mom jeans, and a simple yet elegant makeup look.

Possibly the reason why so many fashionistas are drawn to the Moss bodysuit is because the design inspiration was drawn from 90s supermodel, Kate Moss, herself. From sporting sexy lingerie and denim for Clavin Klein alongside teen heartthrob, Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg), to strutting down the runway for couture Parisian fashion houses such as Dior, YSL, and Chanel (the list goes on), Moss has become a household name to go down in history. Whether you love the spunky, dirty blonde, heroin chic goddess or hate her, you can't exactly escape her. Even though Kate Moss is retired from her supermodel days she still appears in the odd fashion campaign, or on the cover of your local supermarket's gossip mag.

 Like Kate Moss, the Moss bodysuit will never go out of style and can be pulled off with any look. A chameleon in its truest form, or like a blank canvas, it's up to you, the wearer, to style the Moss however your heart desires. Although the sturdy suit will conform to your unique preferences, she'll still be the star of the show. Get ready for girls to come up to you and ask where you got your "LBBS"...little black  bodysuit *wink*.

Take a closer look at The moss here.

Written by Kelsey Adlem