Style Series | Gemini

Gemini season is upon us and these whimsical air sign babies, including our founder herself, are rejoicing and celebrating their days of birth. There is never a dull moment when in the company of a Gemini; the Zodiac sign known for having the most diverse range of personality traits. This mean Geminis have an eclectic style and like to experiment with their looks and try new things. La Reyna's founder, Kristina, especially loves playing with new styles and trends, and has a knack for tailoring them to suit her personal preferences. 

Geminis are known for being outgoing, intelligent, and adaptable. Notable Gemini women, including Naomi Campbell, Angelina Jolie, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Emily Ratajkowski, have experimented with their personal style throughout the years and seem to be able to pull off any look they attempt to pursue. These women share the same fierce, captivating, gemini energy in common; pulling the public eye towards them. No wonder photographers and paparazzi around the world can't seem to take enough photographs of these women! With a natural "smize" and a twinkle in their eye, Gemini women are charming and naturally confident.

Written by Kelsey Adlem