Style Series | Leo


Leo is a fire sign and the fifth sign of the zodiac. Females who are Leo are natural born leaders and not afraid to be dramatic, creative, self-confident, and dominant. Their strong personalities make them extremely difficult to resist. Some of our favourite Leo gals include Madonna, Jeniffer Lopez, and Halle Berry. 
What do these women have in common? It is clear that they have all aged gracefully with their self-confidence and independent attitudes. Their undeniable self-confidence and attractiveness brings people together and leads them towards a greater goals. 
For Madonna, it was using her shocking lyrics and visuals to push the boundaries in the world of Pop. For J Lo, it was using her curvy figure to push the standards of beauty in Hollywood. For Halle Berry, it was leading coloured women by being the first African-American female to win an Academy Award for best actress.
Not only did these iconic Leo females lead within their industries — they led fashionistas with their killer individual styles.

The Queen of Pop: 

From innocence (Like a Virgin), to cool Americana (Ray of Light), to disco aesthetic (Confessions on a Dance Floor), Madonna kept us on our toes with every one of her new records.

J Lo: 

Since even before she became a pop goddess and sex symbol, Jennifer Lopez foreshadowed her sensual reputation with a style that accentuated her curves by sporting these unapologetically head-turning looks.

Halle Berry: 

With her short haircut and demure style, Halle exuded a quiet confidence that many women idolized -- she dressed for women rather than for men, and created a boost of female empowerment that was unmatched by fellow female celebrities.
To sum it all up, here are our key takeaways from successful Leo women:
Be creative. Be dramatic. Listen to no one.