Style Series | Taurus

It is now Taurus season, and the queens we celebrate today are grounded female icons, who also love the finer things in life. They love luxury, but they won’t flaunt it. They have stellar taste when it comes to curating a designer collection. They value aesthetic and comfort equally -- and their keen eye for detail gives them a gift for putting together outfits that include both.

(Retrieved from Sara O'Neill, n.d.)

First, we celebrate one of our favourite celebrity influencers, Olivia Culpo.

(Retrieved from Access 2018)

She starred in beauty pageants from a young age and was crowned Miss Universe in 2012. Olivia is an influencer, so she takes part in setting trends on social media… but she does it in such a subtle way that stays true to her classic, feminine style.


Let’s celebrate our next Taurus queen, Gigi Hadid: 

(Retrieved from InStyle 2018)

She was one of the first supermodels chosen by Anna Wintour to bring her sporty background and aesthetic to Vogue. She is undoubtedly gorgeous, and the acceptance of her curves and athletic body on the fashion runway brought confidence among many other females around the world.


Finally, we couldn’t close this celebration without celebrating our last Taurus queen, Michelle Pfeiffer.

(Retrieved from Scarface 1983)

You may recognize her from Scarface, in which she played the iconic muse Elvira Hancock. Her character was never filmed without her satin wardrobe, perfect bob, and long glossy nails.

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