Style Series | Virgo

The Virgo season recently ended, and it’s time we celebrate the birthday queens whom we look up to.
Virgo personalities are humble, down to earth, and driven by a desire to always put others first. Like the women we mention today, Virgos tend to be reflective, introspective, and constantly need to challenge themselves to be better. These are all traits that have pushed these women to make a positive difference in the world:
The first one has literally been referred to as the 'Queen B'… can you guess who she is?
Beyonce, of course. And believe us when we say that her title is well-deserved. While she demonstrates her reflective and introspective side off-stage, she is impossible to ignore when she pushes the boundaries on-stage.
The next Virgo we must mention is Blake Lively — she is believable in every role throughout her acting career, from the Age of Adeline, to Savages, to All I See is You. She masters these roles with her incredible introspection and attention to detail.
On top of that, she pushes the boundaries outside of her work by speaking out against child pornography between projects. Clearly, Blake is a queen who does it all, both on- and off- screen.
Finally, we could not conclude this segment without mentioning Cameron Diaz, one of the most influential 90s / early 2000s female icons. Although she is media-shy as of recently, we have not forgotten her intentions to empower women with her talks and book about body positivity and self-love.
She inspires us through her openness about her acne struggles at the peak of her fame, while managing to stay confident in the spotlight. She pushed herself because she knew it would help others to find confidence and self-love despite their insecurities. No one can deny she is an absolute queen.