#LRQueen: Tara Leigh Rose

La Reyna queen, Tara Leigh Rose, is a content creator (and mom of two fur babies) from Montreal who now resides in Toronto. Tara's style is unique because even though she always looks classy and put-together, she prefers to invest in classic pieces, favouring quality over quantity, which is a lifestyle choice La Reyna also values.

Tara Leigh shows off her hustle through being an influencer, but has other talents and projects in the works such as the creative agency she co-founded with her husband, Ash, called Counter Culture. With an impressive list of growing clients, such as: Ubisoft, BMW, The Kit, WestJet, and Bite Beauty, just to name a few; it's hard to imagine how much spare time Tara has left in the day to focus on herself! Despite her overwhelming schedule, Tara always appear's effortlessly chic and polished, and takes advantage of spare moments to capture snapshots for her Instagram, which she shares with her 24k+ followers. 

What makes Tara different, however, is that she always comes across as genuine and never breaks her true sense of style or self to showcase products or endorsements from companies that don't suit her ethos. There is no disconnect between Tara's instagram and who she is as a person because she is just so naturally herself. She makes it clear that she believes in sustainability, minimalism, and a more naturalistic, contemporary lifestyle - rather than an ostentatious "let them eat cake" approach. Always coming across as authentic and relatable, Tara seems to have mastered the most natural route to gaining popularity, which is through being true to yourself! - and we couldn't love her more for that.

As a fellow minimalist, and advocator for sustainability, Tara effortlessly incorporates La Reyna bodysuits into her wardrobe, and elevates the core line with her fav gold jewels, mom jeans, and seasonal outerwear pieces - whether that be a trench or lightweight blazer. We love that Tara styles our suits with a unique Parisian vibe, and can imagine her jetting home from meetings on her bicyclette with a baguette propped up in her petit sac-de-jour. Oui oui!

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Written by Kelsey Adlem