Style Series | Aquarius

It is now Aquarius season, and the Queens we celebrate today are classic icons of the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Before we introduce our female icons, it’s important to note that Aquarians possess an eccentric energy that helps them think deeply and grow intellectually -- they love mental stimulation. They know the importance of exhausting all options before making  any decision; whether it is in fashion, in their career, or in bigger life choices.

To them, the world is a place full of possibilities. Settling is the equivalent of death. 

They love helping others, and more importantly, they are great at it -- this is because they are very good at seeing things how they are and not letting bias affect their judgement. The rest of us look up to them to solve problems with unclouded judgement, and we admire their eccentric and intellectual mindset. 

Our first Aquarian Queen is the beautiful actress / fashion icon, Molly Ringwald. Her Aquarius personality shines through her wardrobe choices in her role as Andie in Pretty in Pink (if you love fashion and have not yet seen this movie, we recommend you make it a priority this weekend).


(Retrieved from Bill's Collectible Store, n.d.)

Aquarians are not ones to follow fashion trends, and they are not into doing what everyone else is doing, hence Andie’s (aka Molly’s) outrageously creative fashion choices. The idea of settling for mainstream trends is unfathomable to them. 

Next, we must take a minute to admire the beautiful (and intelligent) supermodel Christie Brinkley: 


(Retrieved from Cosmopolitan (Dutch) June 1982)

Known for starring on consecutive covers of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issues, as well as representing major fashion and beauty brands in famous campaigns -- Christie naturally possesses the “All-American girl look" and stays true to her simple, yet classic, style late into her 60's. 

Christie has managed to do it all while becoming an activist for human/animal rights, as well as environmental rights. Her Aquarius tendencies have encouraged her to "do it all" in her industry, including a strong desire to help others. 

Finally, we need to acknowledge one of the famous Charlie’s Angels, known for her fabulous hair and smile: Farrah Fawcett: 


(Retrieved from Caprise Walker on Pinterest, n.d.)

She was especially known for leading Hollywood with her unmistakable big hair. The word “hipster” was basically invented for Aquarians because they do not follow mainstream trends; Farrah definitely made this point with her infamous curls, and we admire her greatly for it. 

We now feel inspired and assured that behaving against mainstream norms can actually be a good thing -- especially if it means trying outrageous fashion trends like Molly Ringwald, or crazy hair trends like Farrah Fawcett.

Although they may have not been fully accepted by their own generations, it is safe to say that the rest of us appreciate their bravery now -- it obviously made them even more beautiful.