Zodiac Series | Gemini

Hey y'all

Can you believe it's already Gemini season? We've now made it a full year through our zodiac style series -- but we're not about to stop honoring the astrology signs. Instead of continuing our style series, we'll be going over lessons we've learnt from each sign about how to act like a queen.

The 3 Pillars of Gemini queens:

NO. 1: There are always two sides.


This applies to everything. There's more than one version to a story, more than one trait of a person, and more than one way to undergo an experience. Geminis teach us that we have the opportunity to adopt several perspectives -- nothing is black and white.

NO. 2: Conversation is powerful.


Gemini queens are known to be excellent conversationalists. They are blessed with charm and have a way with words. Geminis inspire us to use conversation as a tool to build new opportunities and connections with others that did not exist before. 

NO. 3: Be open to trying new things.


Gemini queens love change. They constantly fall into boredom and change their minds about things... but this leads them to trying new things all the time. Geminis inspire us to open our minds to engage in new experiences -- whether it's getting to know a stranger or trying a completely different fashion trend. The more we initiate change, the more we will evolve and grow.