Zodiac Series | Taurus

Taurus women are strong, determined, stubborn and, most of all, ever so fashionable. Taurus’ are undoubtedly one of the most indulgent signs of the zodiac. The Wandering Bull is known for its luxurious taste in fashion and food. Handsy and romantic, this earth sign can be possessive at times, but a Taurus’ appreciation for the finer things makes them a partner you will want to keep around...even if only for their closet treasures *wink*.

In honour of Taurus season, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite bodysuit looks worn by iconic Taurus women themselves.


A little side boob never hurt nobody! IT girl, Gigi Hadid, takes her night-out look to the next level by basing her outfit off a strappy, scoop-neck bodysuit. We love Gigi’s choice of bodysuit because it shows off her killer physique while leaving the rest to the imagination. Gigi has a great sense of style thanks to her stylist, Mimi Cuttrell. I mean c’mon Gigi we know you’re too busy catching flights to put together looks like this! Gigi (Mimi) matched the bodysuit with a sporty, black and white, grid-patterned mini skirt featuring an asymmetric hemline. How many trends can you pull off in one look?! Just ask Gigi...or should we say...Mimi. If you want to emulate Gigi’s look, we suggest the Moss bodysuit.


Some may say Jessica Alba is most famous for her starring roles in cheesy rom-com movies, but we think she has more to offer than that - just look at her in this bustier bodysuit! Jessica, you’re doing great sweetie! Alba chose to play with proportions by pairing her tight, strapless bodysuit with a flowy, wide-leg trouser and we are living for it! Polishing off the look with a sassy little platform shoe will make your legs look extra long like Alba’s. Ladies, never pair your wide-leg pants with a flat shoe (unless it’s a chunky fashion sneaker) you heard it here first. Oh and, by the way, you can cop this look easily with trousers from Grayes and, might we suggest, the Taylor bodysuit designed by yours truly... 


Miranda Kerr is best known for her past days as a Victoria Secret Angel. However, Kerr is now a mother of three (if you include her skin care line, Kora Organics) with a fourth baby on the way. She is a true powerhouse woman who always looks polished even when on-the-go. Kerr has her everyday look locked down and prefers to keep her outfits simple yet stylish. If you consider yourself a Miranda, then the Crawford bodysuit is probably best suited for you. It’s a classic silhouette that hugs your curves in all the right places and can easily be styled with high waisted jeans and a lightweight or structured blazer.

Written by Kelsey Adlem