Which queen are you..

Queen B

She’s a queen who has created a whole world around herself, full of things she loves and people she cares about. She’s different, but a good different, proud of what she has and where she comes from. She’s the leader of her own universe, one that attracts love and positivity. A modern day goddess.

Queen D

She emanates confidence. A woman who is so fiercely confident within herself that she inspires others to see themselves in the same way. She’s a powerhouse who always pushes past boundaries and works tirelessly to make her dreams a reality. A born leader.

Queen K

She’s truly iconic. She carries herself in a way that is always so elegant and so posh. Her poised personality mixed with her trendy style assures eyes are on her at all times. She lives out a glamorous life, but her heart is rooted in family life. She’s learned to define what she wants in life through tapping into different passions she’s has had throughout her life.

Queen V

She’s a lady - conservative in the public eye but get to know her on a personal level and you’ll she that she’s fiery and divine. One who’s hardworking and a go-getter but loves to live on the edge and. Her charismatic personality is one that is hard to shy away from - she’s the definition of a royal bombshell.